What Clients Say


“I felt an instant first connection with Grace and I’ve since enjoyed the many teachings she has to offer. Grace is gifted with curiosity and intuition and this translates into a desire to expand her understanding of the nature of all things. Grace’s interest in awakening to new ideas makes her a valuable leader and educator, and her experience working at a variety of levels - herbs, intuitive guidance & energy work - makes her a richly equipped healer. I’m grateful to have met her.” - Sunni Overend


“Grace O’Brien is a highly skilled and experienced counsellor, naturopath and healer. Her depth of knowledge in the areas of mind-body medicine and neuroscience, build on her skill base, makes Grace a stand out in her field of expertise.

Drawing from an infinite pool of resources, Grace holds a calming space during our sessions. Her intuitive support and understanding has allowed me to know myself more deeply. My sessions with Grace have become an integral part of my personal evolution.

Having also attended one of Grace’s meditation workshops, she creates a safe environment for inner exploration. Grace lovingly guides participants inward, where many shared an experience of being able to access deeper levels of self.

Grace combines counselling and scientific knowledge with her intuition to empower patients to greater levels of awareness about their own health. A session with Grace leaves one feeling elevated, often with a sense of a profound shift in one’s energy. I would recommend Grace O’Brien to anyone wanting to experience a holistic approach to health, with a highly skilled practitioner that leaves you wondering if you’ve just experienced some kind of magic.” - Elaine Vanderzeil

“Grace is a rare breed of practitioner that emits a genuineness and supportive manner that makes all who visit come away feeling heard and respected.”  - Doug Strandly

“I first met Grace at an advanced workshop on neuroscience. Her grasp of the subject and playfulness in how she could express this, immediately shone through to all present.

Grace has been a wonderful aid when I've required assistance with my frequently neglected diet & nutrition, or simply providing assistance with rebalancing when life's pressures needed a sounding board. A truly brilliant practitioner and highly advanced soul that has much to offer this evolving planet.”

 - Doug Strandly
Metaphysical & Neuroscience Researcher; IT Consultant

 "I have known Grace for over 30 years and she has played a large part toward my self discovery about health and wellness.  In hindsight, this has had a trickle effect on not only my life but my family and those around me.  There are also many other facets to Grace. She commands respect and is intuitive whilst showing empathy" - Carmel Barton

“The highly talented, caring and charming Grace Moy O'Brien came into my life as a naturopath / masseur around the time of my confusing divorce in 1984. From that first meeting until now Grace has been wonderfully helpful in guiding me through life's variety of health crisis. More importantly, Grace has been on a continuing journey of development, in so many different aspects of life - both professionally and personally.” - Arthur Hayes 

“Grace Moy O’Brien—a passionate, wise and inspirational practitioner who understands our life journey can be everything we could wish for.” - Jill Fenton Taylor


"Grace was highly recommended to me when I discovered irregular cells after having my pap smear  just after the beginning of this year. Through Naturopathy and Meditation, Grace has assisted me with healing and creating a healthy, balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

I've seen outstanding improvements in my health but also my mind and body. Grace has broken through cycles and past histories of myself which has left me feeling whole and mostly authentic to my true self.

We have connected on many more levels than practitioner and patient and it is an honour to have been treated by Grace, I'll be forever grateful that our paths met.” - Anthea Vayonitis

“I can't recommend Grace highly enough. She has supported me both physically and emotionally with counselling, naturopathy and meditation for 12 months now and I feel so much stronger in body and spirit. Grace is able to get to the root of your issue and give you the necessary tools to heal from the inside out. She empowers you to see things in a different light and make decisions from that place. Simply incredible!” - Kate Goulopoulos